Locally based for quick, reliable transport.

Our mission is to provide the best in medical transportation to all that rely on us for their transportation needs. We strive to conduct every transport with the highest concern for the patient's health and safety. A&M is family owned and operated; therefore, we treat every patient we transport as our own family.

As one of the largest ambulance providers in North Jersey, A&M has the resources, capabilities, and skills needed to provide expert non-emergency medical transportation.

  • Provider for Medicare and Logisticare
  • Comprehensive Staff - Including Emergency Medical Technicians and Drivers
  • Multiple Transport Services
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Many thanks to A&M and its staff for all their help over the past few years!
Thanks to the technicians who looked after my wife. Their team is truly wonderful and are the only ones in New Jersey that I would trust.
*Personal details have been removed to ensure patient confidentiality